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Daphnia for Betta

JV Betta now offers live daphnia cultures for sale. This healthy and natural supplement to a betta’s diet is a great way to provide fiber, protein, and vitamins. Live daphnia for betta fish also allows your pet fish to utilize his hunting instinct and get some exercise while improving digestion. Buy live daphnia for bettas today!

What Are Daphnia?

While Daphnia are commonly called “water fleas” they are actually planktonic crustaceans. Plankton is probably the most common word here so lets start there. Plankton are various organisms (bacteria, archaea, algae, protozoa) typically found in the water. These living creatures are known for feeding large whales, whale sharks, and fish. Daphnia are actually zooplankton meaning they are very small animals. Crustaceans are animals that have an exoskeleton which they shed and regrow as they grow.

Is Daphnia Good For Betta Fish?

Daphnia, especially live Daphnia magna, is an exceptional food source for betta fish. Daphnia contains fiber, protein, and vitamins and is a natural food source and digestive aid for bettas. Adding Daphnia to your betta fish’s diet can help prevent and even relieve constipation. Feeding live Daphnia to your betta also gives them the opportunity to exercise and maybe even have a little natural environment instinctual fun! 

While live daphnia are the most nutritious and healthy for your betta, live foods do come with potential risks like bacteria and parasites. Choose a reliable source for your live Daphnia magna for bettas. JV Betta is a trusted name in the betta fish world, and we now carry clean, healthy daphnia for betta fish. 

How Much Daphnia To Feed Betta Fish

Daphnia should be a supplement to your betta’s existing diet. Your pet fish can eat daphnia every day, but it shouldn’t be their sole food source. We recommend giving your betta about 3 to five daphnia per day over one or two meals. If you find it hard to measure out (we know these tiny guys are hard to count out) just feed your betta their base diet first and then offer some daphnia so they are less likely to overeat. 

Where To Buy Live Daphnia For Betta Fish

Live daphnia can be very difficult to find locally. Lucky for you, you just found the best source for live daphnia for sale online here at JV Betta Fish for Sale. JV Betta grows their own clean, safe Daphnia magna for bettas. We ship them to your home within the continental United States. 

Is Daphnia A Laxative For Fish?

Daphnia is a natural laxative for bettas and other fish because it is an excellent source of fiber. All types of daphnia (live, frozen, freeze-dried) are composed mainly of fiber, but the best source of vitamins and promoting digestion is live daphnia. 

How To Feed Daphnia To Bettas

Use an eye dropper, pipette, or syringe (without needle) to pull up and feed small amounts of daphnia or whatever works for you. Since most of our customers have one betta per tank the best methods are ones where you can feed the smallest amount of daphnia possible to your betta. But they will most likely survive for your betta to eat later if you put too many in at once. 

How Do You Feed Daphnia To Betta Fry?

Newborn bettas are too small to eat daphnia. However, once betta fry are about 3 weeks old daphnia is a great food source for them. You will feed young bettas just like you feed adults for the most part. It may be more advantageous to put a new food source as close to young bettas as possible to make it more likely they will be eaten. 

Is Daphnia Or Brine Shrimp Better For Betta Fish?

Both of these foods are good for betta fish especially when they are fed live. Baby brine shrimp are an ideal food source for betta fry, but for bettas over 3 weeks daphnia are an excellent food source.

Live Daphnia For Betta Fish For Sale

If you are looking for live daphnia or live daphnia cultures look no further. Here at JV Betta Fish for Sale we have just what you need to feed your betta a varied diet. We grow and harvest our own live Daphnia magna so that we can offer you a superior product that is free of parasites and bad bacteria. Order our Daphnia magna cultures for sale now! We also sell premium Betta Fish Protein Pellets which are an ideal base for your bettas diet. 

Daphnia For Betta Fish Near Me

You are likely to find freeze-dried daphnia in your area at a local pet store. You may even be able to find frozen daphnia locally. But for the most nutritious daphnia for betta fish, you want live daphnia. Buy live daphnia for sale online at JV Betta.

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