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fancy betta fish

Fancy Betta Fish

A collection of the the most exotic Fancy Betta fish for sale online. Own one of the most unique fish on the market that will make your friends envy your tank every time they see it :)

What is a Fancy Betta Fish?

Fancy betta is generally a term used to describe bettas with luxurious and flowy or full and shapely fins. It can also be used to describe other rare bettas with unique and exciting traits and colors. Aren’t all betta fish “fancy?” Yes, bettas are pretty fancy fish, aren’t they? While “fancy” has become a somewhat generic term when labeling bettas, true fancy bettas are unique and rare.

Fancy bettas are usually the Betta splendens type of betta fish. “Fancy” traits come from mutations and selective breeding. Be sure to purchase healthy fancy bettas from a reputable breeder/supplier. Overbreeding can lead to health problems especially in fancy bettas with massive and long fins. 

How Can You Tell a Fancy Betta Fish?

A majority of fancy betta fish have lovely, extravagant fins and come in fabulous color combinations and unique patterns. The term “fancy” tends to be used to describe any gorgeous betta fish. JVBetta’s fancy bettas are gorgeous and extremely rare. You won’t find our fancy betta fish in a pet store.

What are the Prettiest Bettas?

The prettiest bettas are JVBetta’s Fancy Reds! Our beautiful bettas are multicolor red, white, and blue fancy plakats. Check them out here!

How Long Do Fancy Bettas Live?

These gorgeous siamese fighting fish can live up to 5 years with excellent breeding and care. The average lifespan of these and other Betta splendens species is 2 to 3 years. 

Where Can I Buy a Fancy Betta Fish?

Buy fancy bettas online at JVBetta. Our fancy betta fish for sale are an exotic type of betta fish bred just for us to offer our most discerning customers. These exotic bettas are special and stunning with amazing coloration, markings, and luxurious fins. If you want a beautiful betta that no one else has, shop our exclusive JVBetta's Fancy Reds today! We carefully ship our bettas throughout the United States to arrive at your home happy and healthy. 

What is the Best Fancy Betta Fish?

The best fancy betta fish is JVBetta’s Fancy Reds! Our exclusive fancy plakat betta fish are multicolor, generally consisting of red, white, and blue. We think they look pretty patriotic with their flag-like fins waving in the water! These beautiful bettas are carefully bred for health as well as beauty. You won’t find JVBetta’s Fancy Reds anywhere else. These rare bettas are only available online from JVBetta. If you desire a truly unique betta, you will love watching our specialty fancy bettas swimming around in your aquarium!

How to Care for Fancy Betta Fish

Just like all bettas, fancy male varieties should be housed independently or with non aggressive aquarium mates like tetras, guppies, shrimp, loaches, snails, african dwarf frogs, or mollies. Female bettas can be kept together in a “sorority” aquarium. 

Betta fish should be housed in tanks that correlate to their size. A gallon of water space for each inch of fish is a good rule of thumb. Choose smooth or soft tank decor that won’t catch on your betta’s fins. 

Treat water with a dechlorinating water conditioner before putting it in the tank. A small aquarium heater should be used to maintain the ideal temperature for this tropical fish. 

Feed fancy bettas a pellet food and supplement with bloodworms, daphnia, and/or brine shrimp. Follow the instructions on the container of high quality betta fish pellets you choose. Supplements should be fed sparingly, just 1 or 2 pieces per day and feed a bit less of the traditional pellets when you feed these supplemental foods. 

How to Breed Fancy Bettas

Use a divided tank or 2 separate tanks to begin to introduce your male and female fancy betta fish. Keep the tank(s) in a quiet area of your home. Indian almond leaf extract can help offer privacy and a healthier, more natural environment for breeding bettas. No substrate should be used in the bottom of a betta breeding tank, so that your betta fish are able to easily retrieve any dropped eggs.

Filters can disturb the bubble nest so either use a very gentle filter or avoid using a filter at all in your breeding tank. If you don’t already use a tank heater for your bettas, now is the time. 78 degrees is the ideal breeding temperature for Betta splendens. Introduce the female after the male has formed the bubble nest, and allow them to spawn. Male betta fish care for the eggs and fry.

Separate the female immediately after spawning. The male should be separated from the fry as soon as they are eating on their own. If you want to attempt to breed fancy bettas, it is best to plan to have 1 divided tank and 1 regular tank or 3 tanks as the male, female, and fry all generally require their own habitat. Read more about breeding betta fish.

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