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Galaxy Koi Female Betta Sorority 6 Pack


Get a great deal on a female betta fish sorority at JVBetta! When purchasing our bulk female fish you get a big discount, saving atleast $5 per gorgeous Galaxy Koi betta fish! The bettas included in our female betta sorority for sale come from the same spawn, so you have a much better chance of achieving a peaceful tank. Buy a female betta fish sorority today, and complete your large aquarium with our rare, beautiful betta fish!

Unlike male betta fish, female betta fish can live together in a group called a sorority. But it isn’t always an easy process to set up a betta fish sorority tank so read all about female betta fish sororities on this page! 

How to Start a Female Betta Sorority

  1. Get a tank that is at least 20 gallons. The bigger the tank, the better the chance of a successful betta sorority. So, 29 and 55 gallon tanks are the better options
  2. Set up your tank. Be sure to have an aquarium heater, a filter and a water conditioner.  Choose several hideouts so each fish can have a place to lounge or hide in. Floating logs, silk or real plants, and any decor with smooth edges are great for betta hideouts. 
  3. Cycle the tank prior to buying your female betta fish so that your tropical fish have a healthy environment and the best chance at survival.
  4. Back up. Back up. Back up. In a perfect world your sorority setup will go splendidly, but it isn’t a perfect world, and female bettas can be competitive with each other. You should be prepared with at least 1 backup tank and/or tank dividers.
  5. Buy your gorgeous, healthy betta fish from a reputable breeder or retailer like JV Betta. Pet store bettas are often unhealthy and overbred which means they usually have a much shorter life expectancy compared to carefully-bred betta fish. 

Pro Tip: If you can get female sorority betta fish that have already been housed together or are siblings this is the best option.

  1. Put your girls in the tank and observe, observe, observe. Unless there is severe fighting or fin nipping allow your sorority girls 48 hours to work out their hierarchy. 

How to Setup a Female Betta Sorority Tank

The best way to set up a female sorority tank is by introducing the betta fish into the tank at the same time. For a 20 gallon tank choose 5 to 12 betta fish. Just remember the more bettas you have the more you will need to maintain your tank with cleanings and filter changes. 12 may seem like a lot (and it is), but we and many other experts have actually found success by having more female betta fish in the tank. There tends to be more aggression/competition within smaller groups which leads to 1 or 2 fish being picked on. 

How to Introduce New Female Betta to Sorority

Let’s start by pointing out that the best way to have a successful betta sorority is by introducing the fish at the same time. We know this isn’t always possible. The key to successfully introducing a new female to an established sorority is to go slow. A 2 to 4 week quarantine before adding your new female betta fish to an existing sorority tank is ideal to ensure your new fish is healthy and won’t make your other fish sick. You can set your betta up in a quarantine tank next to the sorority tank to begin the introduction process.

Next you can divide an area for your new betta to be in the sorority aquarium but without direct contact. There are dividers available for purchase in pet stores and Amazon, but you can make your own too. Simply google “DIY betta divider” for some cheap and easy ideas. You can always use poly bags or plastic containers to float your fish but these are short term solutions that usually can’t be used for the 48 hours that is ideal for the “separate, but together” introduction method.

When Is a Female Betta Too Aggressive for a Sorority?

When you have a female that doesn’t let up after several minutes or is harming another fish they require their own tank. A slow introduction and close observation is always best. This applies to fish that seem very stressed as well, which may be an aggressor or a bullied fish. 

What Tank Size Do You Need to Have a Female Betta Sorority?

A female betta sorority tank size should be at least 20 gallons. I have yet to have a successful mini-sorority in a 10 gallon tank, so the bigger the better. This is for 2 reasons. 1. More space to have their individual space to get away from each other. 2. More space to have more fish. In sorority tanks, it seems from my experience as well as many other more experienced betta experts that sororities do tend to do better with more fish in the tank. 

How To Feed Female Betta Sorority

This is such an important topic, because how you feed your sorority fish can alter the dynamic in the tank. We recommend feeding sorority tanks at least twice daily with our premium Betta Fish Food. 3 or 4 times a day may be even better for your fish especially if feeding time seems to bring about tank aggression. Well-fed fish are less competitive and therefore less aggressive.

Do not use the lid hole to dump all the food for your tank. Be sure to sprinkle the pellets lightly over the length of the tank so they are well spread out. You may have one really aggressive eater who may need to be fed separately from the other fish. You will just need to monitor your tank closely to come up with the best solutions for feeding your female betta sorority.

What Are the Best Tank Mates for a Sorority of Betta Fish?

You do have many options when it comes to fish and other sea life that peacefully coexist in female betta sorority tanks. Betta female sorority tank mates include guppies, kuhli loaches, african dwarf frogs, ghost shrimp, cherry shrimp, neon tetras, ember tetras, cory catfish, harlequin rasboras, zebra snails and dwarf plecostomus (pleco).

Just take into consideration that the size of the tank should account for all the creatures in your tank. The general rule of thumb is 1 inch of fish per gallon, but a lighter load is best for those of us who don’t have the time to clean the tank on a weekly basis or more.  

Buy a female koi betta sorority for sale today at JVBetta! Our sorority female betta are from the same spawn which offers the best chance for a successful female betta sorority tank.

Indian Almond Leaves are a great addition to add to your new sorority tank. The tannins for betta that naturally extract from these leaves calm your fish and even offer other beneficial properties for your bettas’ health.

Read more here: Using Indian Almond Leaf Extract for Betta Fish.

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