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do betta fish have teeth

Do Betta Fish Have Teeth

 Ah, the age old question…”Do betta fish have teeth?” Ok, maybe it’s not THAT interesting of a question, but neither are the 30 other questions you asked google last month;) Well, maybe that ONE;) But, back to the topic at hand. Maybe we should start with “Do fish have teeth?” And I did actually have to google this as I certainly know some fish like catfish, sharks, etc have teeth, but I wasn’t sure if all fish have teeth. 

So, Do Fish Have Teeth

They do! All fish have teeth or some teeth-like adaptations. They can be in typical places like along the jaw and/or behind the lips, but fish teeth can also be in unusual places like the tongue or even the throat! Wild. Different types of fish have different types of teeth for different types of eating. Betta fish have tiny, but sharp teeth along their jaw. They are carnivores so they mainly use these teeth for catching and tearing into their food and chewing it up. But they also use these teeth for biting other fish out of aggression, fear, or survival. After all these are territorial fish, hence the name Siamese Fighting Fish.

How Do Betta Fish Eat?

In the wild bettas catch and chew their food (usually small insects). Pet betta fish grab, hold, and chew their pellets, bloodworms, brine shrimp, etc. You’ve probably noticed that more work goes into chewing and breaking down bigger pieces of food for your betta. Those trusty betta teeth come in handy for the task of ingestion and, moreover, help with healthy digestion as well. Read betta fish care for more information on keeping your betta healthy.

Do Betta Fish Bite?

Bettas will bite when threatened or hungry. So if you scare them or they mistake you for food, you may receive a bit of a nibble. They are more likely to bite when they are breeding or spawning. So be kind to your fish (and your human friends) and give them some privacy and space during breeding and spawning.

Does It Hurt When Bettas Bite?

It sure doesn’t. Those tiny teeth have little to no impact on human skin. You may feel a tickle of or the tiniest little pinch. I personally think it feels more like a little wet lippy kiss, but it has been a long time since a betta “bit” me. The female I have now just laughed when I tried to get her to bite my finger. She was like, “Ew, no thank you; now give me some real food immediately, mommy/slave.” Which, of course I did, because I am mommy/slave. 

So, do betta fish have teeth? Go get your magnifying glass! Betta fish DO have teeth inside their mouth along their jaw on the top and bottom of their mouth. These teeth are useful for eating and protection. While your betta fish may bite a stray finger in its tank that is mistaken for food, the bite won’t break your skin or hurt you. So, don’t hold it against your little buddy. He is just living and surviving his best life! Besides what would YOU do if a giant fat worm-looking thing came out of the sky into your house?! You know your betta is thinking , “Oh crap, but yummo!” Except my girl, she’s just like, “Seriously, mom/slave, whatever, food, please.” 

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