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Galaxy Koi Betta Fish

What is a Galaxy Koi Betta Fish?

A koi betta is a type of marble betta fish with patterns and colors that make it look similar to its namesake, the koi fish. Marble betta fish have unique color changing genes that give them their unique splotchy or marbled look. The galaxy koi betta fish has vibrant iridescent blue to turquoise scales that really make it exotic and exciting. The galaxy koi Siamese betta fish is a phenomenal fish to add to your collection. Koi betta fish are known to have a gentle temperament. Our galaxy koi betta are halfmoon plakat so they are as hardy and easy to care for as they are beautiful! 

Where to Buy Galaxy Koi Betta Fish

Buy Galaxy koi betta fish online at our betta fish store. JV Betta is a family owned and operated online koi betta fish shop. We carry exotic betta fish for sale including our best selling galaxy koi betta fish. Our high quality halfmoon plakat galaxy koi betta fish for sale are ready to ship to your home. We have male galaxy koi betta fish, female galaxy koi betta fish and giant galaxy koi betta fish for sale. JV Betta ships worldwide, including priority within the United States.

What Other Fish Can Live with a Male Galaxy Koi Betta Fish?

If you don’t mind breeding, a male and female pair of galaxy koi betta fish can live together. However, you should have an extra or divided tank in case this pairing is not successful and for if they do breed. The pair should be close in age and the female should be slightly smaller than the male if possible. A male koi betta fish can be tank mates with non-aggressive male or female aquatic and fish species.

Guppies, neon tetras, ember tetras, cory catfish, harlequin rasboras, plecostomus(plecos), kuhli loaches, african dwarf frogs, ghost shrimp, and zebra snails all make good tank mates for bettas. Choose a fish tank that is large enough for all of the fish in your tank. Provide 1 gallon of space for every inch of each fish’s mature size. Just for your male koi galaxy betta fish, this is 2 to 3 gallons of tank space.

How to Care for a Galaxy Koi Betta Fish

A 5 gallon tank is a great choice for a single Galaxy koi betta fish. While betta fish can live in smaller tanks and bowls, this is not the ideal option for your pet fish. A starter tank for your betta fish should be at least 2 gallons. A tank heater should be used to maintain the water temperature between 76 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. A water conditioner should be used to dechlorinate the water anytime you add water to your betta’s tank. Offer you fish at least one hideaway, like silk or live plants and/or smooth decorations. Avoid any rough or jagged decorations because they can tear delicate fins and tails.

How to Feed Betta Fish Galaxy Koi

Koi bettas are carnivores so they require a diet that is high in protein. Betta fish pellets are the easiest type of food to find. If you choose a premium pellet this is a great choice to feed your galaxy koi. Avoid food in which wheat and corn fillers are the first ingredients. The first ingredient or 2 should be a protein source. This type of food should be fed once or twice per day with a limit of 5 or 6 pellets per day total. Do not overfeed betta fish! It can make them sick and even die. In the wild Siamese fighting fish ate brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, daphnia, and bloodworms. These live foods are great options, but live foods come with the risk of parasites and disease. 

How Long Do Galaxy Koi Betta Fish Live?

In the wild, Siamese fighting fish or Japanese fighting fish live about 2 years. Pet koi betta fish usually live about 3 years, but can have a lifespan up to 5 years. The oldest known living betta was 10 years old.

What to do for a Bloated Galaxy Koi Betta Fish?

The most common issue that causes bloating is constipation. It is also the easiest problem to cure. Constipated betta fish usually stop eating. You may also notice that they aren’t pooping. Constipation is usually caused by overfeeding and/or a poor diet. A lack of exercise can also contribute to constipation in betta fish. Just like us, moving helps get things moving. Relieve constipation in betta fish by allowing them to fast for 2 to 3 days. After fasting, offer food with fiber like daphnia, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and peas. Swim bladder disease (disorder) is another issue association with bloat that is treatable.

If you notice any odd swimming in addition to a bloated belly, swim bladder is likely to blame. Swim bladder can be caused by constipation, injury, parasites and bacterial infections, and shock. Try a 2 to 3 day fast to treat this issue as well. For swim bladder caused by shock, leave your fish alone after correcting the issue if possible. Dropsy is the scariest and most deadly possibility. Fortunately, it is also the least likely cause of bloat in betta fish. You may notice “pinecone scales” and a spine that curves outward and sideways. Consult with a veterinarian if you believe your galaxy koi betta has dropsy.

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