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  • what shrimp can live with betta fish
    July 30, 2023

    What Shrimp Can Live With Betta Fish?

    You have a betta fish, and you know that bettas can be aggressive toward other bettas and some other fish, so you want to try something different to liven up your aquarium. You’ve seen some super cool looking shrimp and...

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  • How Long Can A Betta Fish Live Without A Filter
    June 2, 2023

    How Long Can A Betta Fish Live Without A Filter?

    Betta fish are wonderful pets. They have surprisingly big personalities for such a little fish. And they are absolutely gorgeous. Bettas are less demanding, carewise, and hardier than many other tropical fish. Of course, you see them in pet stores...

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  • why are my betta fish fins ripping
    March 25, 2023

    Why Is My Betta Fish Fins Ripping?

    If you are here, you are looking for answers to “Why is my betta fish’s fins ripping.” There are some different possibilities when it comes to issues with betta fins. However, there is one cause that is the most likely...

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