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alien betta

Alien Betta

At JV Betta, we are so excited to add Alien bettas to our premier collection of betta fish. These fish are exotic and extraordinary. Alien betta fish are a hardy variation of betta that combines the traits of wild and domestic bettas. This rare betta is a fun pet with a great personality and intense beauty. 

What Is An Alien Betta?

Alien Bettas are an absolutely gorgeous hybrid variety of betta fish. These hybrid beauties are a mix of a wild species (Betta imbellis) and a domestic species (Betta splendens). This variety of betta fish is new to the scene. They are incredibly rare and generally only available from specialized betta fish breeders. Alien betta fish are usually blue or gray. They typically take on the more narrow body of their wild counterparts and the fins of their domestic cousins.

How Long Do Alien Betta Fish Live?

Alien betta fish have the same lifespan as other pet bettas. Expect your alien betta fish to live 2 to 5 years.  

Are Alien Betta Rare?

Definitely, these spectacular tropical fish are not only a new type of betta fish, but they are only bred by a handful of professional betta breeders. Alien bettas are very rare, unique, and hard to find. 

Are Alien Bettas a Wild Betta Fish?

Alien betta fish are a hybrid of wild and domestic betta fish. So, they are a mix of wild and domestic bettas. Our alien bettas are a cross between Betta imbellis (wild) and Betta splendens (domestic).

How to Care for an Alien Betta Fish

Care for your alien betta like you would any other betta fish. Be sure they have clean dechlorinated water that is heated and a tank or container that is at least 2.5 gallons in size. Just like other male betta fish, Alien bettas should never be housed with other bettas. Add a hiding spot or two for your new fish. Silk or real plants and decor without sharp edges are ideal. Feed your alien betta a varied diet that includes a premium betta food. Bettas should be fed a small amount of food that is no bigger than their eye each day. Feeding this amount over 2 or even 3 meals per day may be beneficial for your pet betta by helping to prevent constipation and bloat. 

What to Feed Alien Betta Fish?

Start with a premium pellet food that is formulated for bettas. Supplement with some fresh, frozen, or freeze dried foods like brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, daphnia, and bloodworms. Some bettas enjoy tiny amounts of fruits or vegetables too. 

How Much to Feed Alien Betta Fish

A good rule of thumb is to keep the total amount of food for your betta per day no more than the size of their eyeball. This is because the size of bettas’ eye is about the same size as their stomach.

Where Can I Buy Alien Betta Fish?

You will most likely need to connect with a specialty betta breeder in order to find these exotic betta fish. If you are looking for healthy well-bred alien betta fish, look no further. At JV Betta, we have exactly what you are looking for. Order your new alien betta fish today!

Where to Buy Alien Bettas Online

Buy alien betta fish online at JV Betta Fish for Sale. Our alien betta fish for sale are bred with good breeding practices. These fish are healthy and happy and ready for their forever homes. Our alien betta fish won’t last long. Order yours today so you don’t miss out. 

How to Breed Alien Betta

Breeding alien bettas should definitely be left to the pros. Because these pet fish are bred by crossing wild bettas with Betta splendens, many offspring are infertile. Successful spawning and maintaining fry is much trickier with these fish too. This makes ethical breeding a challenge for some who may choose to use cheaper and poor breeding practices. Expect to pay premium prices for quality alien betta fish.

Can Alien Betta Live Together?

Just as in the case of other betta types, alien betta fish should not be housed with other betta fish except in the case of female sorority tanks. And even in these circumstances drama can occur between females so you should monitor sorority aquariums closely, especially when setting them up and when adding a new tank mate. 

How Much Do Alien Betta Fish Cost?

The price for alien betta fish can be quite high because they are much more difficult to spawn and raise fry than typical bettas. Male alien betta fish are usually more expensive than females. Scroll down to see our current selection of alien bettas and their prices.