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wild betta fish

Wild Betta Fish

JV Betta now has wild betta fish in their collection of premium pet bettas. You might think wild bettas probably aren’t as gorgeous as their domestic counterparts, but these unique tropical fish are beautiful as well as hardy. They make great pets too! Currently our wild betta fish for sale are mainly Betta imbellis. Shop our wild betta fish today!

What Are Wild Betta Fish?

Betta fish are also referred to as Siamese Fighting Fish. With wild varieties, one might think that they are more aggressive than domestic bettas, but that isn’t the case. Many breeders and owners feel that wild bettas, like Betta imbellis, are typically more docile than Betta splendens and other domestic varieties. In fact, Betta imbellis is also known as the peaceful betta. However, we still do not recommend housing these wild bettas together. 

How Long Do Wild Betta Fish Live?

Wild betta fish have the same lifespan as other pet bettas. Expect your wild betta fish to live 2 to 5 years on average.  

Are Wild Betta Rare?

Wild bettas aren’t bred as often as domesticated varieties so they do tend to be pretty rare and hard to find. 

How Big Do Wild Betta Fish Get?

Just like domestic bettas, wild betta can grow to between 2 and 3 inches at maturity. Betta imbellis (also known as the crescent betta) typically grow to about 2 to 2.4 inches in length.

How to Care for an Wild Betta Fish

The care for your wild betta fish is going to be just like caring for a domestic betta. Provide dechlorinated water that is heated and an aquarium that is at least 2.5 gallons in size. Just like other male betta fish, wild bettas should not be housed with other male bettas. Provide you wild betta with a hideaway or two. Choose from silk or real plants and decor without sharp edges. Feed your wild betta a varied diet that includes a premium pellet food. Bettas should be fed a small amount of food that is no bigger than their eye each day. Feeding 2 or 3 meals per day instead of one reduces the likelihood of constipation and bloat. Keep your bettas’ water clean with weekly cleanings.

What to Feed Wild Betta Fish?

We recommend a base of premium betta food that is formulated for bettas. Your wild betta can also benefit from some fresh, frozen, or freeze dried foods like brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, daphnia, and bloodworms. Some wild bettas like tiny amounts of fruits or vegetables too. 

How Much to Feed Wild Betta Fish

Because the size of bettas’ eye is about the same as their stomach, we recommend that you feed no more food than what comprises the size of their eye.

Where Can I Buy Wild Betta Fish?

JV Betta carries healthy and hearty wild bettas for sale. We currently specialize in Betta imbellis, but we expect to get more wild betta varieties in the future. Buy a wild betta fish today!

Where to Buy Wild Bettas Online

You can buy wild betta fish online from JV Betta. Our wild betta fish are bred with exceptional breeding practices. These special bettas are healthy and happy and ready to be your pet. Order now before our wild betta fish sell out! They are going fast!

How to Breed Wild Betta Fish

Breeding wild bettas is just like breeding domestic betta fish. You will need to purchase your breeding pair. You will need 3 separate aquariums or 3 sections within one or two tanks. After mating, the male and female should be separated. Once the fry are ready to be on their own they will need a separate tank. Put the breeding tank in an area that is quiet. Offer some hiding spots so the wild betta couple can have their own space, especially as they are getting to know each other. Make sure that your water is heated. This will definitely improve your results when breeding wild betta fish like Betta imbellis

We do recommend leaving betta breeding to the pros. This task can be very time consuming and the process will need a lot of monitoring. If you aren’t around often, betta breeding may not be right for you.

Can Wild Betta Live Together?

Just like other betta types, wild betta fish should not be housed with other betta fish except in the case of female sorority tanks. And, yes, we know that some people successfully house male Betta imbellis together, but we still do not recommend this for the novice betta owner and probably not for more experienced owners either. Even female betta sorority tanks can be quite a challenge to get balanced.

How Much Do Wild Betta Fish Cost?

The price for wild betta fish is comparable to Betta splendens and other types of bettas. Professionally bred wild betta fish will typically be around $40 or more.