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How Long Can A Betta Fish Live Without A Filter

How Long Can A Betta Fish Live Without A Filter?

Betta fish are wonderful pets. They have surprisingly big personalities for such a little fish. And they are absolutely gorgeous. Bettas are less demanding, carewise, and hardier than many other tropical fish. Of course, you see them in pet stores in tiny containers and many people keep them in small fish bowls, but how long can a betta fish live without a filter? And, is it okay for a betta to live without a filter when considering betta fish care?

How Long Can A Betta Fish Live Without A Filter?

Technically, a betta can live a healthy and happy life without a filter as long as you are diligent about cleaning their aquarium. Aquatic plants are a great addition to any tank, but especially one without filtration. Plants can help naturally clean the water

How Do You Take Care Of A Betta Fish Without A Filter

When you don’t use a filter in your betta’s aquarium, you must clean their tank a lot more often. You will probably need to clean the tank at least 2-3 times as often as you would with a filtered tank. For a smaller tank, a complete water change is necessary about once weekly and you’ll want to perform a 25% to 50% water change once weekly as well. The smaller the aquarium the more you need to clean it. For an unfiltered tank that is 5 to 10 gallons, you’ll want to do a complete water change at least once monthly and a partial water change weekly. Plants can help keep your tank cleaner and your betta happier. 

Is It Healthy For a Betta Fish To Live Without A Filter?

As long as you keep the parameters of your betta fish’s tank within the ideal range, your betta will be just fine without a filter. If you know cleaning an aquarium may be a big task for you, use a filter. Filters remove waste, oxygenate the water, encourage good bacteria, and reduce how often cleaning is necessary. Just be sure to use a somewhat gentle filter for your betta’s tank. Bettas do not like a strong current.


So, how long can a betta live without a filter? A betta can live a long and healthy life without a filter, but filters definitely have advantages. It is a personal decision whether you want to have a filtered tank or not for your betta fish. If you are diligent about tank maintenance, you probably don’t require a filtered tank for your betta fish, but if you are busy and don’t have the time to clean your betta fish’s tank weekly or even more, you are better off choosing a filtered tank for your betta fish. 

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