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Using Indian Almond Leaf Extract For Betta Fish

Using Indian Almond Leaf Extract For Betta Fish

Using Indian Almond Leaf extract for betta fish can promote better health and happier fish! These magic leaves are also known as catappa leaves. The leaves or the extract of the leaves promote a healthier, more natural environment for your betta fish. Read on to learn how the extract works and if you need it for your pet betta fish.  

Indian Almond Leaf

Indian Almost Leaf is the leaves of the Indian Almond Leaf (Terminalia catappa) tree. This tree is native to Asia, Australia, and Africa. These leaves have amazing properties that are helpful to fish in nature and even more so in betta fish that live in tanks. 

What Does Indian Almond Leaf Extract Do?

In nature these leaves fall in the water and release tannins which lower the pH and change the color of the water. It is the same concept in a betta tank except you simply add the extract that is in an easy to use, concentrated form. Indian Almond Leaf extract helps to prevent and even treat fungal and bacterial issues including fin rot. It also reduces stress, promotes a healthy tank environment, and boosts your fish’s immune system. When your tank’s pH is lower it is able to stay cleaner and healthier by reducing ammonium. Learn more on betta fish care.

Using Indian Almond Leaf Extract For Betta Fish

This natural medicine is so easy to use and has no harmful side effects. It is an antifungal and antibacterial. So, it promotes vigor and health and reduces stress and the need for medications. It is especially useful when pairing or breeding betta fish, treating sick and/or stressed betta fish and minimizing stress in newly acquired betta fish. Indian Almond Leaf extract also naturally and slowly lowers pH. This eliminates the need for strong pH changing products and is much safer to use in existing tank setups. 

Using Indian Almond Leaf Extract For Breeding Bettas

Breeding and post-breeding (raising fry) are ideal times to use this natural tank tonic. The dark water color helps your fish feel more protected and at ease. This means they can focus on breeding rather than defending their territory. The breeding pair will be more calm and the fry will be more healthy and vigorous. In fact Indian Almond Leaf is even reported to induce spawning and reduce the unfortunate potential side effect of egg/fry ingestion by a stressed adult fish. The resulting lower pH when using catappa leaf extract is also preferred during breeding for betta fish. (Treating your tank with Indian Almond Leaf does not mean you shouldn’t remove the female after breeding or alter any other typical betta breeding recommendations.)

So, you have been wondering, “Should I use Indian Almond Leaf in my betta tank? If you don’t mind the darker water, Almond Leaf Extract is a must have in your betta fish arsenal. This magic potion will improve your betta fish’s life and health. When pairing or breeding betta fish or dealing with a sick or scared betta, Almond Leaf Extract is a necessity!

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