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Buy Betta Fish | Buy Betta Fish Online

Buy Betta Fish | Buy Betta Fish Online

Are you wondering where to buy betta fish? Did you know you can buy betta fish online and have them safely shipped to your home? Do you want healthy, happy betta fish that aren’t overbred and mistreated? We will answer these questions and more in this blog. Read on to learn more about where to Buy Betta Fish.

Where Can I Buy Betta Fish?

We carry rare betta fish for sale at JV Betta. This family owned and operated small business based in Sarasota, FL breeds and ships healthy betta fish worldwide. Our exotic betta fish are beautiful and ship right to your doorstep. We sell both male and female betta fish and their supplies. We carry several unique betta fish for sale. Buy betta fish and betta fish supplies online at JV Betta Fish for Sale.  

Where to Buy Betta Fish Online

JV Betta sells exotic betta online. Our online betta fish store supplies several types of premium bettas including multicolor, koi, galaxy koi, half moon plakat, and giant betta fish. We ship our premium betta fish worldwide. You can also purchase betta fish supplies online from our betta store.

What Do I Need to Buy for a Betta Fish?

Before you buy a betta fish, you need to prepare their habitat. You will need a glass or plastic tank that is at least 2 gallons (5 gallons is preferable), a tank lid, a hideaway or 2(plants or decor for your fish to hide in or rest against), water conditioner, a water heater, and possibly a filter especially if you are getting more than one female fish. The filter should not be too powerful as this can be stressful and even harmful to the fish. You will also need betta pellet food that is high in protein and something to siphon the water to clean the tank. We have betta starter kits for sale, betta tanks for sale, betta food for sale and more at JV Betta.

Where to Buy Betta Fish Near Me

Did you know betta fish get stressed and bored in confinement? Males also get stressed and aggressive when close to other male fish. What this all means is that betta fish in tiny containers in big box stores and big pet stores are miserable. This, along with unhealthy and over breeding, is why they tend to have a shorter life span than well cared for, well bred bettas. Buy healthy betta fish online at JV Betta. 

How Old Are Betta Fish When You Buy Them?

We mainly ship and sell younger betta fish between 3 months and 6 months of age. Most pet store betta fish are between 6 months and 1 year old when you purchase them. 

Now you know all about buying betta fish from “Where to buy betta fish?” to “What do I need to buy for a betta fish?” and everything in between. Buy betta fish online at JV Betta!

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