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types of betta fish

Types Of Betta Fish | Betta Fish Types

There are many different types of betta fish. 73 betta fish types to be exact! The most common betta is B. splendens which is often referred to as the Siamese fighting fish. In this article we will review several betta fish types. Many types of betta fish are named for their tales, their color, and/or their color pattern which is why you will see betta fish types with a mixture of the names listed below. Once you learn these different terms to describe betta fish types you will be able to find the perfect betta for you! For this article we focus mainly on types of betta fish tails, but include a few other important betta fish types as well.

Betta Fish Types


Very similar to the crowntail and the half sun, the combtail has tail rays that are longer than the webbing. The combtail is somewhere between the half sun and crowntail in its ray to webbing difference.

Crowntail (CT betta)

The crowntail betta has a regal look with its long fringe tail and fins. The reduced webbing and extended rays of the fins and tail give this betta fish a distinctive look.

Delta/Super Delta (D betta, SD betta)

A pretty tropical fish with a lovely tail that has straight edges, the delta betta fish is a great pet. The super delta has a larger tail with an almost 180 degree spread.

Doubletail (DT betta)

These types of rare betta fish are absolutely stunning. The doubletail has 2 half moon tails! It is not a single tail with a split like more common varieties.


Galaxy Koi 

The Galaxy Koi betta is an impressive betta fish with spectacular iridescent turquoise scales. This rare type of betta fish for sale is one you must have in your collection!

Half Sun

This striking pet fish is a cross between a halfmoon and a crowntail. The fin rays extend beyond the webbing giving them a spiky look that is less severe than the crowntail and the combtail.

Halfmoon (HM betta)

Halfmoon bettas have a gorgeous fan tail that reaches 180 degrees of splendor. The anal and dorsal fins are larger than other types of betta fish. These fish are very popular, but can have problems with their large tails.


Giant Betta

Giant betta fish are scientifically called Betta anabatoides. They belong to the gourami family and the Macropdusinae subfamily. These large bettas usually grow about 3 to 5 inches long, but on occasion these amazing tropical fish can grow up to 7 inches long!


With beautiful fins and speckled color combinations the koi betta looks very similar to true koi fish. This variant of a marbled betta is easy to care for and has a calm temperament.


Multicolor bettas are magnificent tropical fish with 3 or more vibrant colors. 

Plakat (PK betta)

The plakat betta is a hardy fish. This type of betta fish is less prone to injury and disease and is extremely colorful. Plakats have shorter tails and fins than other betta fish.



These pretty betta fish are variants of the halfmoon betta. The fins have a feminine, ruffled appearance that enhance the beauty of these betta fish. With even more branching of the fin rays, the feathertail is even more ruffled than the rosetail.

Round Tail/Fan Tail

The round tail betta is true to its name. It has a full, round tail and comes in a variety of colors.

Veiltail (VT betta)

The veiltail betta is one of the most common betta fish for sale. They have long beautiful fins and vivid coloring as well as a pleasant nature. However these types of betta fish are considered inferior due to overbreeding and the weight of their tail causing drooping.


Now you know many types of betta fish for sale! Browse our betta fish store for all your betta needs!

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