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crowntail betta fish

Crowntail Betta Fish

We now have crowntail bettas in our premier collection of betta fish. These stunning bettas are just mesmerizing. You will want to watch your new fish all day! Buy healthy crowntail betta fish for sale at JV Betta now! 

What Are Crowntail Betta Fish?

Crowntail Betta fish are a type of Betta splendens. This variety of betta has a fancy tail and fins that both have elongated fin rays that extend well past the fin webbing. This fin type looks very much like a crown, hence the name crowntail.

Are There Different Types of Crowntails?

There are several variations of crowntail. A basic crowntail is a single-ray crowntail (SRCT). These are the typical CT bettas with the long spiky rays. The double-ray crowntail (DRCT) has a deeper reduction between the primary caudal rays than the secondary rays, leaving a prong-like appearance. There is also a double-double ray crowntail (DDRCT) which has 4 conjoined spikes rather than 2 like the DRCT. Another CT fin type is the cross-ray. In this variation, the caudal fin central spikes cross over each other. The most rare type of CT is the king crowntail. In this fancy betta all of the caudal spikes cross each other. 

How Long Do Crowntail Betta Fish Live?

Crowntail betta fish typically have a lifespan of about 2 to 5 years. Choosing a well-bred CT betta over pet store bettas along with providing excellent care can extend the life of your betta fish.  

What Is The Difference Between Crowntail and Combtail Betta Fish?

Male crowntail betta fish must have a webbing reduction of 33.33% in its fin rays. A male betta with less than ⅓ webbing reduction is considered a combtail. Female crowntails must have a fin ray webbing reduction of 25%. Less than ¼ web reduction would mean that your betta fish is a combtail.

How To Care for an Crowntail Betta Fish

Your crowntail should have clean dechlorinated water that is heated and a tank or container that is at least 2.5 gallons in size. Just like other male betta fish, crowntail bettas shouldn’t live with other male betta fish. These ornate bettas love to have hiding spots that won’t snag their fins or tails, so choose silk or real plants and smooth decor. Feed your CT betta a varied diet that includes a premium pellet food. Offer your CT a total amount of food that is no bigger than their eye each day. Whether you feed 1 meal or 3 meals, don't feed more than this amount in a single day. Feed your CT 2 or even 3 meals per day to help prevent constipation and bloat. 

What To Feed Crowntail Betta Fish?

The base of your CT’s diet should consist of premium pellet food that is specifically formulated for betta fish. Add in some fresh, frozen, or freeze dried foods like brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, daphnia, and bloodworms. Some bettas even enjoy very small amounts of fruits and vegetables too. 

How Much Do You Feed Crowntail Betta Fish

As we mentioned previously, keep the total amount of food for your betta per day no more than the size of their eyeball. The size of your CT bettas’ eye is about the same size as their stomach.

Where Can I Buy Crowntail Betta Fish?

While you may be able to find CTs at the pet store, purchasing a premium CT through a quality betta breeder will offer you the best crowntail with the longest life. We have healthy well-bred crowntail betta fish at JV Betta. Order your new crowntail betta fish today!

Where To Buy Crowntail Bettas Online

Purchase crowntail betta fish online at JV Betta Fish for Sale. Our crowntail betta fish for sale are bred with excellent breeding practices. Our CTs are healthy and happy and ready to be your pet!

Can Crowntail Betta Live Together?

Just like other betta fish types, CT betta fish should ever be housed with other betta fish except in the case of female sorority tanks and when you are breeding crowntail bettas. And even in these circumstances, you must monitor the tank very closely as all betta fish including females can be aggressive with other bettas. 

What Fish Can I Put With a Crowntail Betta?

Choose non-aggressive fish that are smaller than your crowntail betta. This reduces the potential for your betta getting defensive of the territory. Some good tank mates for CTs are rasboras, mollies, guppies, small tetras, and corydora. Other aquatic species like cherry or ghost shrimp, snails, or african dwarf frogs make great tank companions for betta fish as well. 

How Much Do Crowntail Betta Fish Cost?

The price for crowntail betta fish depends on the coloration and the genetic quality of the betta fish. Crowntail betta cost can vary quite a bit. Male crowntail betta fish cost more than females. Scroll down to see our current selection of CT betta fish and their prices. 

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