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dumbo betta fish

Dumbo Betta Fish

What Is a Dumbo Betta Fish?

Dumbo betta fish are Betta splendens species. Dumbo bettas are also called elephant ear betta fish, dumbo halfmoon bettas and dumbo ear halfmoon betta fish. These fancy bettas are beautifully ornate with gorgeous fins and tails. The pectoral fins are amazing with a full rounded, but often frilly look. These fins come out right behind the head of the fish giving the appearance of elephant ears. The halfmoon tails (caudal fin) are also quite large and flowing as are all the fins on this pretty betta fish, including the dorsal fin, ventral fin, and anal fin. 

How Long Do Dumbo Betta Fish Live?

The average lifespan of a healthy Betta splendens is 2 to 3 years, but they can live 5 years or more. Dumbo bettas that are kept in small bowls usually live less than one year. So, set up and care has a huge influence on the life expectancy of your betta. 

How Big Do Dumbo Betta Fish Get?

Elephant ear bettas look bigger than most other bettas because of their large fins, but they average about 2.5 inches at maturity. Female betta fish tend to be slightly smaller than male betta fish

Are Dumbo Betta Fish Rare?

Dumbo bettas are one of the rarer betta fish types. Because of this they are hard to find and tend to be more expensive than other betta fish. 

How to Care for a Dumbo Bettas

Start with a great tank set up. Betta fish thrive in larger tanks. Choose a tank that is at least 1 gallon for each inch of your fish at maturity. So, for a single male betta fish go for at least 3 gallons and for a single female provide at least a 2.5 gallon tank. For dumbo bettas we like to offer a bit more open space if at all possible. 

Aquariums that are heated and filtered are ideal for betta fish. All tank water should be treated with a dechlorinating water conditioner before going in the tank with your fish. Keep your aquarium well maintained by cleaning it as often as needed. This varies because of a variety of factors including, but not limited to, the size of the tank, the number of fish, the food and amount of food that you feed, and whether or not you have a filter. 

When choosing a hideout or 2 for your dumbo halfmoon betta fish be sure the aquarium decor or plants you choose are free from sharp or jagged edges. While this is important for all betta fish, it is especially crucial for these fancy bettas with large, flowy fins.

What to Feed Dumbo Betta Fish

Feed dumbo bettas a premium betta pellet, flake, or crumble food. You can also supplement with daphnia, bloodworms, mosquito larvae, and brine shrimp. Be aware that fresh foods can contain parasites and bacteria so feed with caution. Frozen live foods are a great option if you can find them or breed your own. For most of us freeze-dried is the most accessible option.

How Much to Feed Dumbo Betta Fish 

Most standard betta fish pellets recommend about 4 to 6 pellets per day per betta. Just be sure to read the instructions as this does vary between different foods. If you want to add some variety with some of the above mentioned foods, simply reduce the amount of pellets you offer and add in some of the other food in a comparable amount. Avoid overfeeding your betta. 

How to Breed Dumbo Betta Fish

Breeding dumbo betta fish can prove to be time consuming and difficult. While you can choose a pair of bettas for breeding this doesn’t always mean that they will breed. Here are a few tips to encourage successful breeding in betta fish including dumbo bettas:

  • Get a tank heater. 
  • Provide privacy and hideouts. Place the breeding tank in a spot that doesn’t get high traffic. 
  • Indian almond leaves can create a more private, natural, and healthy environment for spawning betta fish. Betta-safe plants and decor offer spots to hide and rest.
  • Feel high quality food.
  • Do not use substrate in a breeding tank. 
  • The female should be moved to another tank immediately after spawning.
  • Move the fry to their own tank shortly after they begin eating on their own

For more information on breeding bettas check out our Breeding Betta Fish blog.

Where Can I Buy Dumbo Betta Fish?

Buy the best dumbo betta fish online at JVBetta. Our dumbo betta fish for sale are well-bred, healthy, and ready to safely ship to your home. Buy our stunning dumbo bettas today and be captivated by their beauty in your own home. 

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