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Hellboy Betta Fish

Hellboy Betta Fish

What are Hellboy Betta Fish?

Hellboy Betta Fish are plakat bettas in the betta splendens group. These rare fish are vibrant and colorful with a combination of rich hues. Cherry red is the dominant color that gives this gorgeous exotic betta fish its name ‘Hellboy.’ Hellboy bettas are selectively bred and extremely high quality well-bred tropical fish. These special fish are tank-bred, but indigenous to Thailand.

How Big Do Hellboy Plakat Betta Get?

These are standard betta fish. They grow to about 2 to 3 inches with the females being slightly smaller than the males.

How to Care for Hellboy Betta Fish

Get a fish tank that is no less than 2 gallons in size for your Hellboy betta. Betta fish enjoy water that is 76 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit and 6.5 to 7.5pH. A basic fish tank heater will work well. Bettas do not require a filtered tank, but it will keep the tank cleaner, reducing how often you will need to clean your tank. Anytime you add water to your tank the water should be treated with a dechlorinating water conditioner. When choosing your betta’s tank, pick out 1 or 2 hideouts for the tank to give your fish a spot to relax and have privacy. These hideouts can be any type of tank decor from live to silk plants to swim throughs or rocks. Just remember that bettas have delicate fins so choose smooth decor and soft plants that won’t catch on their pretty fins and tails. Feed your betta fish once or twice daily at a relatively consistent time. For standard pellet food, you will probably feed your betta about 4 or 5 pieces per day. 

What to Feed Hellboy Bettas

Hellboy betta fish like to eat commercial pellets or flakes. Choose a high protein, high quality food. You can also vary your pet fish’s diet by feeding them fresh, freeze-dried, or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, fruit flies and mealworms. Live foods should always be fed with caution. Be sure to raise your own food or use a reliable source. Live foods can be contaminated with chemicals, parasites, and bacteria that can be harmful to your Hellboy betta. 

How to Breed Hellboy Bettas

Hellboy bettas can be bred like other betta splendens fish.

Introduce the male and female Hellboy bettas slowly and cautiously. A divided tank is great for this purpose. You will likely need 1 divided tank and an extra tank or 3 different tanks. One for the male, one for the female, and one for the fry. The introduction and breeding tanks should be in a quiet, calm area. The breeding tank should have nothing on the bottom so that, if need be, the male can collect any fallen eggs and place them or return them to the bubble nest. Avoid using a filter that may disturb the bubble nest the male fish will create to hatch and raise his eggs/fry. 78 degrees is the optimal temperature for breeding Hellboy bettas.

How Long Do Hellboy Bettas Live?

The average lifespan of Hellboy betta fish is about 2 to 3 years old, but with good care your fish may live up to 5 years. Our Hellboy bettas are much younger than pet store betta fish. Instead of getting a 1 year old or older fish, you will get a fish that is only a few months old. Our red betta fish are also better cared for and have better genetics. So they tend to live longer and be healthier than pet store bettas. 

What Fish Can Live With Hellboy Betta Fish?

You can have a sorority of female betta fish, but avoid putting males together. There are many species of fish (male or female) that can successfully be companion fish to male Hellboy bettas. The best companion fish for bettas are corydora, guppies, rasboras, mollies, and tetras. Other tank mates to consider are zebra snails, African dwarf frogs, and ghost shrimp, 

Where Can I Buy Hellboy Betta Fish?

You have come to the right place! At we have an exclusive supply of Hellboy bettas in the United States! We import our rare betta fish from Thailand and other countries that have the very best betta fish. We also breed some select fish for our collection. In turn, we ship our prized fish to you, our customers, right here in the United States of America! Our shipping process has proven to be safe and effective at getting your new pet betta to you quickly and safely. Order your very own Hellboy betta fish for sale today and you’ll be enjoying your new pet soon!

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