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red betta fish

Red Betta Fish

What Is A Red Betta Fish?

Red betta fish are typically Betta splendens species. We consider any betta with a majority of red color a red betta fish. Right now we have a great selection of Hellboy betta fish and they are predominantly red in color. 

What Makes My Betta Fish Red?

Betta fish color is mainly determined by genetics. The red pigment is called erythrin. This pigment is contained within unique cells called chromatophores. The depth of chromatophores under the scales varies, as does the brightness of the color. The color will be more vibrant the deeper the chromatophores are under the scales of your red betta fish. Color is also influenced by food and environment. 

How to Boost the Color in Red Betta Fish?

In order to help your betta fish have and maintain the best red color they should be fed a good diet and have a healthy tank. A high quality fish food is best for the base of your betta fish’s diet, but a varied diet goes a long way in improving your betta’s health and color. Keeping the tank clean and between 76 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit will also help your fish’s color be at its best. Too much ammonia and nitrates can cause health problems for fish, including dulling of color. A buildup of these chemicals can occur when the tank isn’t cleaned often enough

How Long Do Red Betta Fish Live?

Betta splendens live 2 to 5 years in captivity. A good quality diet fed properly and a clean and decent sized tank will extend your red bettas life.

Where Can I Find Red Betta Fish For Sale?

If you are looking for an exotic betta you have come to the right online betta store! Our premium betta fish are selectively bred for the best color, genetics, and health. Buy your very own red betta fish today and we will quickly ship your new pet to your home. 

Who Sells Red Male Bettas Online?

JV Betta sells male red bettas online. Our healthy male betta fish are well-bred, high quality bettas. We ship nationwide within the USA right to your doorstep.

Who Sells Female Red Betta Fish in the United States?

We sell male and female red bettas online and ship them nationwide. We take the hassle out of importing fish from another country for our customers, by offering these internationally bred and imported fish within the US. Our rare red bettas arrive quickly to your home alive and healthy. Contact us to help you find the perfect breeding pair of red betta fish or choose a male and female betta of your choice on this page.

What Types of Betta Fish are Red in Color?

Our Galaxy Koi bettas and Hellboy betta fish are halfmoon plakat Betta splendens. Both of these varieties of bettas can have predominantly red coloring, but you are likely to find the most, best, and purest red color in our Hellboy bettas. Many different types of betta fish have red coloring as this is a typical color in these Siamese fighting fish. 

Are Red Bettas Rare?

No, red bettas are actually common in the world of betta fish. Although it is a more common color variant, we think red betta fish are some of the most beautiful bettas out there! Our Hellboy bettas are a red variety that is quite rare. 

How to Care For Red Bettas

Before you get your red betta fish, find a tank that is at least 2 gallons. These tropical fish enjoy water temperatures between 76 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit so a basic fish tank heater is optimal. Treat the water with a conditioner that removes chlorine before pouring it in your betta tank. Betta fish need a place to rest and relax. Choose a tank decor hideaway or plant without rough edges for your betta’s home. No matter how much your betta fish begs (and they will), do not overfeed your betta. This simple, seemingly harmless act can kill your pet fish. When using typical pellet food, feed no more than about 4 to 5 pieces per day. You can feed this amount over 1 or 2 feedings. Check out more info on our rare betta fish.

Can Red Betta Fish Be Shipped?

Yes! It is shocking that these amazing fish do so well during shipment. We are located in the United States and ship our betta fish priority mail to get them to you quickly and safely. We guarantee that our betta fish arrive alive and healthy!

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