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purple betta fish

Purple Betta Fish

JVBetta has a limited supply of purple betta fish in stock! These rare bettas will sell out quickly. Buy your purple betta fish for sale today! You are going to love your new purple pet!

Are Purple Bettas Rare?

Yes, because wild siamese fighting fish are not purple naturally, it is very difficult to find purple bettas. These gorgeous specimens are very rare, so the color must be created through selective breeding which is not an easy feat and generally only attempted by advanced betta breeders.

How Long Do Purple Betta Fish Live?

Purple bettas are typically Betta splendens, so their average lifespan is 2 to 5 years. Proper feeding, housing, and care will help to lengthen your exotic purple betta fish’s life. The most important aspect to lengthening the life of your betta is keeping their water at the proper temperature and clean.

How To Care For Purple Bettas

Like all betta fish, purple bettas require dechlorinated water. This means the water must be treated with a dechlorinating water conditioner before being added to the tank. Bettas are tropical fish so using a heater in their tank is ideal. Betta aquariums should be at least 2.5 gallons for a single fish, preferably wider than deep. Avoid tiny bowls or containers. Bettas love to swim and exercise. Live or silk plants and smooth decor are great for giving your betta a spot to rest and hide. Feed your betta smaller meals 2 or 3 times per day to reduce the risk of bloat and constipation. Keep your betta aquarium clean with frequent water changes. A gentle filtration system can be used to keep the tank cleaner for longer.

What To Feed Purple Betta Fish

The base of your pet fish’s diet should be a premium pellet food that is formulated specifically for bettas. It should be high in protein as this is the key to a healthy betta. You can supplement with some fresh, frozen, or freeze dried foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, and bloodworms. Small insects can also be a very natural and healthy treat for purple betta fish. Some bettas enjoy tiny amounts of fruits, vegetables, and hard boiled eggs too. 

How Much To Feed Purple Betta 

We like to consider the size of the betta’s eye when determining how much it should eat. A purple betta’s eye is about the same size as their stomach. Whether you feed one, two, or three meals per day, the total amount of food your betta should have should be about the same size as their eye. 

What Is The Rarest Color Of Betta Fish?

Yep, you guessed it! Purple is the rarest color of betta fish! There is some variation in purple, of course, with some fish being bluish-purple and others being closer to pinkish-purple while others are violet betta fish. Sometimes there are other colors mixed in. A solid purple betta is definitely the hardest purple betta fish to find. 

How Much Is A True Purple Betta?

Because purple betta fish are so rare, expect to pay a premium price for these exotic beauties. A solid purple betta will be the most expensive over a fish with just a small amount of purple. Scroll down to see our current prices for purple betta fish.

Where To Find Purple Betta Fish

This is the million dollar question. Because purple bettas are so rare you aren’t likely to find them at the local pet store. You will need to find a specialty betta breeder or a fancy betta supplier online.

Where To Buy Purple Betta Fish Online

Buy purple betta fish for sale online at JV Betta Fish! Our premium purple bettas are healthy and happy and ready to settle into their forever home! Scroll down to see our current inventory of purple halfmoon plakat bettas. These fish are sold out extremely fast, and we have a hard time keeping them in stock. Check back if we don’t have any in stock currently! 

How to Breed Purple Betta Fish

Breeding purple betta fish should be left to specialty betta breeders. Betta breeding is not for the faint of heart. It is a laborious process that typically requires a lot of monitoring. There are combinations that when bred may produce a purple or violet betta fish. However, no matter the selective breeding you choose, a purple betta spawn is not guaranteed. 

Can Purple Betta Live Together?

Just like all other betta fish types, male purple betta fish should not live with other male betta fish. Female sorority tanks can be successful, but can take a remarkable bit of effort and monitoring as female bettas can also be aggressive. If you can find female betta fish that are already tank mates and/or came from the same spawn this is ideal for setting up a successful betta sorority tank.