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how to breed giant betta fish

How To Breed Giant Betta Fish

Giant betta fish are rare so you may want to try your hand at giant betta fish breeding. In this article we will discuss how to breed giant betta fish. There are few key things to understand before breeding bettas. Setting up the right courtship and spawning environment, getting the right pair, and a lot of monitoring is involved as well as having the right environment for the giant betta fry, the female, and the male after spawning. 

It Begins: Getting Ready to Breed Giant Betta Fish

Even if you already have a giant male and female betta fish pair that live together you will still need 3 tanks or at least 2 tanks with one of them being divided. The male and female will need to be separated into different tanks (preferably where they can’t see each other until the fry are moved into their own tank).

Once the fry are swimming out of the bubble nest and eating on their own, they are ready to be on their own. It is easiest to leave the fry in the breeding tank and remove the male giant betta to his own tank. Even if your male and female were previously housed together it is still best to slowly introduce them and observe their relationship and behaviors for a few days.

Falling in Love: Choosing a Breeding Pair of Giant Betta Fish

Choose a male and a female betta that have the characteristics that you want in their offspring. Each fish should be between 4 and 12 months old for ideal breeding. Choose a pair that are close in age and size with the female being slightly smaller than the male. Find a reputable retailer or breeder.

Avoid chain pet stores as they tend to only carry older betta fish that may already be older than the ideal breeding age. They are also often over or poorly bred so they can be sold cheaply. Since giant bettas are rare you may need to have your bettas shipped from a trusted betta fish store.   

Setting the Mood: Giant Betta Fish Breeding Tank Setup

You will want to have at least a 10 gallon aquarium with a divider. The breeding tank should be placed in a quiet spot to offer your breeding pair and new parents some privacy. It is best not to use a filter when breeding betta fish especially those that build bubble nests. Offer at least one hideout per fish. This can be betta-safe plants or aquarium decor. Some male bubble nesters enjoy building their nest under something that floats like a leaf or floating decor. It gives their babies added security and reduces the anxiety of the giant betta dad.

If you don’t already use a water heater for your betta fish, now is the time. Stable temperatures are important for inducing breeding and spawning in betta fish. Do not use substrate in a breeding aquarium. This is important because eggs are often dropped as they are transported to the bubble nest. Avoiding substrate helps your fish retrieve any dropped eggs with ease. 

Consummating the Relationship: How to Breed Giant Betta Fish

If you prepared for breeding your giant betta fish, found your pair, and set up your tank, you are ready to roll. Be patient and closely observe your pair without disturbing them. You can’t force them to breed so be patient. Offer high quality food in small amounts a few times per day. This is a great time to use safe nutritious live or frozen foods like bloodworms, daphnia, or brine shrimp.

Giant Betta Breeding Tips

Consider what type of big betta fish you are breeding: 

  • Wild giant bettas (betta anabatoides) are mouth brooders which means the males carry the eggs and fry in their mouth until they are ready for release. 
  • Giant betta splendens are bubble nest builders. 
  • Determine the type of giant bettas you have to understand the spawning process of your pair. Since most pet giant bettas are selectively bred, they don’t tend to be the wild type so they are more likely to be bubble nest builders rather than mouth brooders.

Knowing how to breed giant betta fish is only half of the challenge. You have to be patient, observant, and lucky enough to have a cooperative breeding pair of giant betta fish.  

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