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What are Giant Betta Fish

What Are Giant Betta Fish

Pet giant betta fish are rare and in high demand. These spectacular beauties make lovely pet fish. You will enjoy their fun and unique personalities and gloriously good looks. Talk about a trophy fish! (But don’t try to catch one!) So, what are giant betta fish anyway?

Wild giant betta fish are betta anabatoides. However, giant betta fish sold as pets are generally selectively bred betta splendens species. These big bettas tend to grow from 3 to 5 inches in length and are beautifully patterned and generally multicolor betta fish. Many giant bettas tend to have calmer personalities especially as they age, but like all bettas they each have their own individual personalities. 

Buying Giant Betta Fish

Giant betta fish are rare, especially in the United States. So, if you want to purchase one you will likely need to go through a reputable online betta fish store or breeder. Ensure you get to see photos or video of the fish you want to purchase so you can ensure it looks healthy and has the look you want. Most fish suppliers won’t take the time to provide these visuals of each fish. If you find one that will, you know they care about each individual fish and want you to find just the right giant betta for you! 

How to Care for Giant Betta Fish?

Giant betta fish have almost the same requirements as standard betta fish. The only difference is that they need more space and a touch more food. A full size giant betta should have at least a 5 gallon tank. Equip your tank with a water heater and at least one safe hideout. Treat all water with a dechlorinating water conditioner before putting it into the tank with your fish. Keep your giant bettas tank clean with partial water changes as needed.

Feed your giant betta once or twice daily. At full size you probably want to offer about 6 to 8 pieces of betta pellets per day, but this varies depending on the brand of the food and the actual size of your fish. You never want to overfeed bettas. Adjust the amount you feed if you supplement with other foods like bloodworms, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, or daphnia.

Giant/big betta fish make great pets. They are attractive, unique, and endlessly entertaining to watch and observe. Most pet giant bettas are simply traditional bettas that are selectively bred to be larger. Therefore, their care is very similar to other betta fish. Simply offer them more space and food. If you are looking for a betta that will stand out in your aquarium, the giant betta fish is a fabulous choice. 

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