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Female Betta Fish

How Long Do Female Betta Fish Live

Female betta fish actually tend to live longer than male bettas by a few months. The average lifespan of a pet betta fish is about 3 years old, but they frequently live up to 5 years. There have been recorded Siamese fighting fish living up to 10 years of age!

Where to Buy Female Betta Fish

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How Big Do Female Betta Fish Get?

Female bettas average about 2.25 inches at maturity. While their bodies are about the same size, the larger fins and tail make the male betta fish larger in size overall. 

Can Male and Female Betta Fish Live Together?

They can, but you will need a large tank and also a backup tank. Male and female betta fish are likely to breed. Once the female lays the eggs she must be removed from the tank. The male will guard the eggs even from his breeding partner and can be quite aggressive. Male and female pairing is possible, but you always need to monitor them closely and have a back up plan if it doesn’t work out. You can house a male betta and female betta in a tank with a divider without the risk of breeding or other issues. 

How to Tell The Difference Between Male And Female Betta Fish

Female Siamese fighting fish are much more docile than their male counterparts. They can even live in a community called a sorority. Females have smaller fins and tails and their color can be somewhat muted compared to male betta fish (especially in the wild). However, there are vivid, colorful female betta fish for sale as well! Female bettas have an egg laying tube called an ovipositor between the head and ventral fin. It is a small white spot that is about the size of a grain of sand. They are plump looking compared to males. If you look at them head on they look wider and more stocky than males. Female Siamese fighting fish also have a small beard that is barely noticeable at all whereas males have a prominent opercular membrane that is extremely visible. Females do not build bubble nests like males do and tend to be more active and like space to swim around more than male betta fish.

What Do Female Betta Fish Look Like

In the wild female Siamese fighting fish are noticeably duller than males. Most female bettas bred in captivity are as bright and beautiful as the males in color. Their fins, tails, and membranes are almost always shorter than males of the same betta variety. Females look stockier than males with a wider, rounder appearance. 

How to Care for Female Betta Fish

Female bettas can live in a tank together peacefully. 4 to 10 females are ideal for a betta fish sorority tank. The tank should be at least 10 gallons for 4 females and 20 to 30 gallons for larger sororities. For a single female betta, a 5 gallon tank is ideal. Female bettas are more active than males and really enjoy space to swim and explore their environment. A fish filter can be used to keep the tank cleaner and healthier. A filter is a necessity for sorority tanks.

Because bettas are tropical fish, the water temperature should be maintained between 76 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. A tank thermometer can be purchased to keep the water temperature stable. Dechlorinate all water added to your tank with a water conditioner. Female betta fish enjoy having a hideout or two in their tank. (more if you have a sorority) Choose plants and/or tank decor they can rest against or hide in. Feed female bettas 4 to 5 pellets of betta food per day. The pellet size can vary so always follow the directions on the food you chose for your fish.

What Do Female Betta Fish Eat?

Bettas are mainly meat eaters. In the wild, they consume brine shrimp, daphnia, tiny fish, mosquito larvae, and bloodworms. The easiest food to find and the most balanced is betta pellet food. Choose a high quality pellet food that is high in protein. Freeze dried bloodworms, shrimp, and daphnia can be fed as treats to your female betta fish. Live food is great if you have a trusted source and proper storage. However, the risk for parasites and disease is much higher with live food. 

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